From Invisibility to Inclusion: Developing and Evaluating Policies and Practices to Facilitate the Inclusion of Workers with Episodic Disabilities in Ontario Workplaces (i2i) is a research project that brings together scholars, researchers, business professionals, employers, NGOs, and arts communities with the aim of improving social, economic and employment opportunities for people with episodic disabilities (EDs) in Ontario workplaces.

The i2i project examines and assesses existing information about the prevalence and employment patterns of people with episodic disabilities, and the laws, policies, and programs that address the experiences of episodically disabled people. We are also interested in generating new understandings of episodic disability in the workplace. i2i is conducting online surveys with employers, in-person interviews with both employees and employers, as well as holding arts-based multimedia storytelling workshops with both employees and employers.

We are using this knowledge to develop resources that enhance employers’ and co-workers’ perceptions and attitudes, to facilitate legal and organizational change, and to advance the inclusion of people with episodic disabilities in Ontario workplaces.

If you are an employer, manager, executive director, HR specialist, or other professional who supports employees in the workplace, we invite you to participate in our Employer Survey.

If you are an employed, self-employed or unemployed person living with episodic disability in Ontario we invite you to participate in our Employee Interviews.

We’ve created a few resources about people with episodic disabilities in the workplace. You will find our Tip Sheet, Fact Sheets, Infographics and more on our Resources page.

A group photo from Fostering INclusion and Environments of Support for Students with Episodic Disabilities (FINESSED) project, October 2018.